The Cat Retreat Cafe

Terms & Conditions of Entry

The Cat Retreat Café (hereafter called Cat Café) is a dual environment where food and drinks are served and consumed, as well as a separate area where interaction with cats takes place ‘The Zen Zone’, and food and drinks are consumed if desired, at own risk. Although controlled to an extent, The Cat Café has a certain amount of risk, due to the interaction with live animals, namely cats.

The ‘Zen Zone’ (interactive enclosed environment where the cats are kept) takes all necessary precautions and steps to ensure the safety to the cats and all humans. Therefore, strict conditions must be adhered to by all patrons at all times.

The Cat Café reserves the right to refuse entry and ask any visitor to vacate the premises should they breach any of the conditions, whereby no refund will be issued.


Risks associated to visitors with admission into the ‘Zen Zone’ and interaction with the cats include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Minor or serious injury from the cats including bites and scratches
  • Allergic reactions and sickness resulting from the cats (eg. Asthma)
  • Damage to personal property by the cats’ general behaviour including spraying (urinating), scent marking, shedding hair, scratching and biting (eg. Clothing, bags, accessories)
  • Other visitors causing distress to the cats

Opening Hours

The Cat Café has specific operating hours as below, for the purpose of having a maximum amount of visitors interacting with the cats, therefore is very strict on compliance with booked sessions. This will ensure that patrons get exclusive time with the cats and the cats will not be too overwhelmed.

  • Open Hours Cat Café 9:30am – 2:30pm Thursday, Friday and Saturday
  • Open Zen Zone – Interactive cat environment – 1 hour session bookings available – 10:00am – 11:00am / 11:30am – 12:30pm / 1:00pm – 2:00pm
  • Sessions – Group bookings and single bookings can book multiple sessions, subject to availability. Eg. You can book 2 x 1 hour sessions

General Conditions of Entry

  1. All visitors should not behave in a way that will interfere with the enjoyment of the cats and other visitors.
  2. All visitors should treat the cats in an acceptable manner – (THE FOLLOWING IS NOT ALLOWED:- pulling cats’ tails, pulling cats’ whiskers, pulling at cats’ ears, pinching, hitting, poking or plucking fur, using unauthorised objects to touch cats, picking up inappropriately or any other manner that the cat finds uncomfortable or hurtful)
  3. As the ‘Zen Zone’ is designed as a relaxing space for cats and humans to enjoy together, it is normal for cats wanting to sleep or not be in the mood for interaction or play. We appreciate that all visitors are patient with the cats and respect their moods and only seek affection and play if the cat presents this behaviour.
  4. All visitors are discouraged from forcing 2 or more cats to play together or forcefully place them in another cat’s personal space for the safety of the cats and the visitors.
  5. All visitors are to respect the staff’s advice and displayed behaviour signage around the cat environment which acknowledges wanted and unwanted interaction.
  6. Children under the age of 5 are not permitted in the cat environment.
  7. Children aged between 5 and 15 must be under adult supervision at all times. Children are asked to be controlled, to remain calm and quiet and to respect the appropriate behaviour towards the cats.
  8. Any misbehaviour of children including loud crying and tantrums, which results in disruption to other visitors and stress to the cats, will see immediate refusal or vacation of the cat environment until calmed down.
  9. Visitors are not to bring in their own animal, including own cats and dogs.
  10. Visitors must perform appropriate behaviour to all cats and other visitors at all times when interacting with the cats, respecting space and privacy of other visitors and groups.
  11. Cats are easily annoyed, startled and scared by an array of different experiences and noises, therefore the following items are strictly prohibited from entry into the cat environment:-
  12. Costumes for the cats, balls, balloons, children’s toys, lighters, skateboards, ‘Heely’s shoes’, music devices, electrical devices, flash photography, whistles, unauthorised food and drinks,
  13. All visitors are not to remove or change the equipment lay out in the cat environment.
  14. All visitors are to respect all equipment, including cats’ bedding etc, seating, tables, cushions, games and activities whereby it is tidied after use for the following session.
  15. All visitors should not use any threatening, abusive or offensive behaviour and language against the cats, staff or other visitors.
  16. Smoking and consumption of alcohol or any illegal substance is strictly prohibited.
  17. Any person convicted of a criminal offence or declared as an animal cruellest is likely to be refused entry into the cat environment.
  18. All visitors are prohibited from advertising, for own business activity, any of the cats, the Cat Café, or the cat environment.


No refund will be provided for the following reasons:

  • if booking is cancelled within 48 hours of the session or no-show
  • if visitor or visitor’s children are refused admission or asked to vacate cat environment due to non-compliance/breach of the conditions
  • if arriving late for your booked session
  • if visitor doesn’t participate in all activities within cat environment

Acceptance of These Terms

I agree to comply with the abovementioned conditions, and I warrant and certify that I am physically fit and able to participate in all of the activities in the cat rooms.

I acknowledge that as a parent, legal (court appointed) guardian or custodian, I am solely responsible for the supervision and care of my children, who will also be taken to have agreed to this waiver upon my confirmation.

I acknowledge and agree to waive all my legal rights of action against The Cat Retreat Café, and its office bearers, directors, employees or agents, releasing The Cat Retreat Café for loss, damages, injury or death howsoever out of or in relation to my participation in the cat environment.

Upon booking, you hereby accept these Terms & Conditions and agree to the Waiver. Upon arrival to the Cat Café, you will need to ‘check in’ with the Concierge and sign the attendance register.

From the team and cats at The Cat Retreat Café, we look forward to meeting you and having a purrfect time together.